{photo tutorial} beanie hat


Every morning I sit at my computer and I click the Pinterest bookmark and I “leaf” through for a couple minutes. Pinning things that I might want to look at later.  In my little feed there was a pin with 5 different beanie hat tutorials.  After looking through I realized that one of them was from a talented lady I follow on Instagram @imaginegnats.  Her blog had the tutorial up in the free section and I immediately dived in.   I created my own tutorial here, not because I didn’t like hers, but because I didn’t use her pattern.  And instead I figured out the size I need by measurements.  I wanted to show how I did that.  If you like a pattern please pop right over and print hers.  Cause its great too. And yes that’s it sitting next to my shirt on the table. :)

To get started find an old t-shirt.  I grabbed one for me, and the girl and boy.  I did his first and messed it up a bit.  Then her and overcompensated.  By the time I got to mine I knew what I was doing wrong. I made all three in about 20 minutes.  (20 mins!!!)

  1. T-shirt or knit fabric.  CHECK.

2015-11-20 09.47.38

2. Turn it inside out and fold it in half lengthwise

2015-11-20 09.48.12

3. Measure your head at the point where the hat will sit.  Mine is 23 inches.  I went with 22 because I’d like it to not fall off.  I allowed 1/4 seem allowance.   After you know your measurement, divide it by 4.  Do you see how there is 4 layers in the picture above?  Ok good.  Now cut it down to that number.  22/4=5.5

2015-11-20 09.49.21


5. Now, how long do you want it?  Tight? Slouchy? Hipster Slouchy?  I went moderate slouch.  I measured from the bottom of my ear to the top of my head and added 3 inches.  That was 12 inches.

2015-11-20 09.50.04

6. One more cut.  Lay it out flat and trim off just the bottom corners.  This will keep it tight to at your hairline.

2015-11-20 09.50.40

7. Now we sew!  Put your machine on the knit/stretchy stitch.


8. Make sure you are still right side together and sew only the sides of your hat.  Leave the top (the slouchy part) completely open right now.

2015-11-20 09.52.34

9. Now we are going to turn it so that the seems that you’ve just created are in the center of the fabric.

2015-11-20 09.53.59


10.  I like my slouch slouchy but not pointy.  So I used an 12” embroidery hoop for a guide to cut my top into a half circle.  ( This is not an exact science, as you can see. But it works!  ;))

2015-11-20 09.55.05


11. But then I cut just a bit more off to make sure it didn’t point.

2015-11-20 09.55.33


12. Now we sew.  Just follow the edge around.  Allow at least 1/4 seem allowance.  Mine is wonky cause I did it with the kids hanging on me.  But it totally doesn’t matter!

2015-11-20 09.58.16


13.  Flip it inside (rightside?) out and rock that beanie, hipster!

File Nov 20, 2 54 14 PM


Colorblocked Afghan {with instructions}

color block afghan

I buy not as much yarn as I used to. I like to have a selection. Everyone E in a while my yarn chooses what I’ll use it for.  This is one of those things.  Pink/red/orange is the best color combination ever. (That is until I fall in love with another). These yarns lined themselves next to each other and I took it from there.



I’ve got a quilt My gramma made for me for Christmas when I was about 6. We use it on the couch for cartoon and snuggles and its starting to fall apart.  It’s time to replace the snuggle blanket.

She took me 32 weeks I complete all 252 rows of single crochet / chain one stitches.   I mainly worked on it to avoid other more urgent projects.  Originally I had purple, fuchsia,  pink, red, orange. It worked out for size it the weight of all those stitches made the last orange unnecessary.  I would have liked that last color but it would have been about 8 feet stretched. Yeah, way too much blankie.



But man she’s still pretty.


2015-11-08 10.40.11


Wanna make one?  First thing, How wide do you want your blanket? I’m going to go with 72 inches.  I used Hobby Lobby “I love This Yarn” and a H hook.  Chain 12+1 and complete woven stitch for 3 or 4 rows until you have a flat piece of fabric.  Now measure it.  Multiply that those inches until you are at or near the width you wanted.

Like this –

Lets say I want my afghan 72 inches wide.

My test is ch 12+1 of Woven Stitch.  We all know crochet diagrams are the best so here ya go.

woven stitch diagram


And this is how it turned out.  3 inches.



72/3 = 24  24*12 = 288

So, chain 288+1, follow the diagram, then 252 rows later you will have one very heavy and comfy afghan.  That’s 72,576 stitches, by the way.

color block afghan




{peter} Pan Collar

I take commissions semi regularly nowadays.  Mostly I still just make things cause I have an idea or saw something interesting I had to try or work with.

My favorite thing is when a friend of mine says “Hey can you make {a thing}?”  And I say “Yes!  I’ve been wanting to make a {a thing}!”

In this case the thing was Peter Pan Collars.  I had experimented with them in the past but I was eye balling some more beautiful vintage patterns on pinterest and needed a reason to make a couple.  So when my friend, who is someone that can absolutely pull up a collar daily, asked for a couple I was happy to oblige.

The white is a pattern I found on Ravelry.  I added the picots and the long bow, cause it really did need it.

Peter Pan Collar


The second I wanted more dense and I couldn’t find a pattern I liked so I made it up.  I’m planning to write it out and attempt to make a diagram but who has the time!  Please comment if you would like the pattern for free and I’ll motivate myself to write it up.  😉

Peter Pan Collar


I’ll give them to her this week and I hope she loves them!

#everydayishalloween {free motion embroidery}

Last week I broke myself to complete 8 embroideries in 36 hours.  I actually did 9.  (f*ck yeah!)  These were for a Halloween show on Oct 30th.  I sold some earrings for $10 and thats it.  Thankfully Instagram is the best and I was able to sell another 4 of them.  Thanks!

I really love the way these turn out.  Print on paper, tape it to the back of the fabric, tape the fabric on the fabric, flip it over and get ta sewin.

My mom took the kids all day so I could get this done.  My “area” (fully taken over dining room) was a mess because we were also getting ready for the kids birthday party. They are all lined up and ready to go.  The prep work had been complete for a couple weeks.


2015-10-27 21.34.19

I’m new to a machine and I really need to learn how to master a skill before moving to the next.  Like learning my machine.  The bobbin get all weird and when I opened it up I realized my vintage thread was just falling apart in there.  Ew.

2015-10-28 12.01.47

2015-10-28 11.53.38

2015-10-28 14.36.49





7' hoop

7′ hoop


7' hoop

7′ hoop


7' hoop

7′ hoop


4' hoop

4′ hoop / SOLD


8' hoop

8′ hoop / SOLD


5' hoop

5′ hoop / SOLD


8' hoop

8′ hoop


7' hoop

7′ hoop

Many are still for sale.  See something you like?  Lemme know in the comments.

About Color

It all comes back to color.

You can have a wonderful design, great execution but it’s nothing without great color.

I’ve always leaned towards history and nostalgia. In school subjects and in my everyday life. I’ve felt close to different aesthetics at different points in my life. As an ex-goth I was a Victorian and a hippie Beatles fan. I was really into the 1940s and tattoos and pinup style and aggrotech. I sorta move between styles without realizing it.

Most recently I’ve been a stay at home mom and a wife. I’m a housewife. I’m not CEO of the family or something else that makes it sounds important when it doesn’t need too. There is nothing wrong with “housewife” other than it’s outdated now. I keep things so that the three others in this family are happy and healthy. That is nothing to be ashamed of. In this stage of my life I’m loving classic style of the Atomic Age.

Like. My beautiful mint Kitchenaid mixer.


My vintage bake ware.


And creamy dreamy colors.

I’ve been keeping a pinterest board of color I use for palette inspiration. I just wanna swim in that first one. Mmmm

Follow Teresa Millies’s board color on Pinterest.

How do you choose palettes for your work?

{how to} Make a Hexie Flower



I have been hexie-ing for nearly a year now.  (Nov. 6th is my first anniversary as a hexie addict.  It was a fateful cold night at Starbucks with Rebecca from hugsarefun).  I created 1300 or 1600 hexies.  I honestly don’t remember.  I basted them all in 4 months then figured out how I wanted to group them as flowers and then made a few hundred flowers.  No two are the same.  I love random but I can’t be actually random.  It’s too painful.

Pretty huh?

For the purposes of this tutorial I’m going to focus on making the flower only.  If you need help to begin English Paper Piecing or hexies there are a many wonderful tutorials and makers that have them completely mastered.  I will warn you.  It is very addicting and truly satisfying.

Check these out….



Hexies are loved on Instagram and Pinterest.  You can easily find inspiration and technique when you are looking for it.


To begin….

Supplies include, thread, scissors, 7 hexies, a wonder clip (small binder clip, paper clip, ect), and a needle.  You can use any needle you are comfortable with.  But not too big because we don’t want to leave a big hole.  I really love milliners needles because they are long and Coats and Clark Mercerized Cotton.  My fabric is cotton so cotton thread it is.

2015-10-23 16.53.49


Next, figure out how you want them to lay out.  In my case they are “random” so that means I don’t really want blocks of shape or color.

2015-10-23 16.52.07

Next, pick up the middle and one of the sides, keeping the others laid out so that you know what comes next.

Flip em over and attach the wonder clip (small binder clip, paper clip, ect) to one end.

2015-10-23 16.52.332015-10-23 16.55.47

Thread your needle and begin my making a knot at the end.  Insert under the flip of the fabric.  But not into the paper.  We aren’t going into the paper at all ever.  Then straight into the fabric of the second hexie.  Pull through.

2015-10-23 16.56.17

Whip stitch to the end of that side only.

2015-10-23 16.58.21



I usually get 16 or 17 stitches in.  More is fine but less than 15 isn’t enough.  At the end you will want to double up the stitch, knot, and then insert your needle into the fabric a bit before cutting.  This hides the thread.

2015-10-23 20.02.162015-10-23 20.03.29


Yay!  You put two together!  Look at you!

Let’s get that third one on there.  You can see here that the two are clearly stitched together.  Don’t forget ( I have a few times) which hexie is your center.  You are adding around that center flower.  Thread and knot your needle, use your wonder or paper clip to hold the third hexie on and start in the opposite side.  Stitch until the clip.

2015-10-23 20.04.142015-10-23 20.05.02 2015-10-23 20.06.57

Repeat this on each hexie around until you get to the last hexie.

Here is the fourth and what it will look like from the front.  I prefer to join this way because its more difficult to see the stitches in the front.

2015-10-23 20.09.522015-10-23 20.14.11

The last hexie will only be different because there is now 3 sides instead of 2.

2015-10-23 22.21.43


Don’t forget to hide that thread.

2015-10-23 20.13.39


And fin!

Ain’t she sweet?



At this point you can keep making flowers and join, you can sew it on to some felt and have a coaster, there are a million things to do with hexies.

I hope this was helpful!  How will you use your flower?





December 2014 {or how I make Tony some shorts}

So we are up to December now.  As you may have noticed, all of these photos are from instagram.  Part of the reason I gave up blogging is because even though I have a very nice camera and very nice lighting, I never actually get around to taking a photo with my nice things.  I’m not going to fool myself and think that I’m going to pull out my Nikon, but I will make an effort to take better photos with my phone.

After all the art show and the craft show I really needed a break.  So I decided to reorganize all my floss.  Nice and relaxing.  I call these things a make break.  After a major project I almost always reorganize and sort.

And then I immediately started making small things for the NIDO show.  There is another coming up in December.  It was one of the more successful and fun shows I did and I’m really looking forward to doing it again.



The december ArtBar show was the Black and White Show.  I bought a cintage wedding photo and stitched gas masks on their faces.  I saw so many people looking at it and wowing while I secretly hoped it wouldn’t go anywhere.  It didn’t.  This is all mine  :)

I got a commission to make crochet shorts for a friend of mine.  It was harder than I thought it would be, actually, but they turned out hilarious and he ended up winning the “Ugly Sweater” contest.

I made the girl a super cute hat.  She requested a pink hat.  And bonus, it fits again this year.

I picked up hexies from Hugs are Fun.  She taught me how to baste on Nov 6th and I was immediately into it.  The fabrics and the textures and they are so fast!  I’m still addicted.  This is my very first hexie.

You get the idea.  Much much more on hexies later.

I tried to knit.  This is exactly how far I got.  Knitting is something that I want to learn to do, but not right now.  😉



If you have {a minute}


I’m what they call ‘time anxious.’  I’m ready to go out an hour before we leave and I worry I’ll be late somehow anyway.  If it takes 15 minutes to get somewhere, I leave 30 minutes early.

Also, I have a very nearly 2 year old and a very nearly 4 year old in my house so that throws another wrench in the time frames in my head.  Two very stong willed wrenches.  I’m also a housewife and an artist.  So, needless to say I have some shit to do.

Its happens too often that I don’t get anything done cause I’m anxious that one activity will overlap into another.

I created this To Do list with the idea in mind that I should organize tasks based on how long they will take and not necessarily importance.  I know I can’t pull out a quilt project while the kid is watching Curious George.  But I might be able to write up a blog post.   So if I make that list in the morning when it’s (in theory) a little calmer then I can glance at it later without the need to calculate how long things will take.

Sometimes people tell me that I over think things.  Eh.  If you over think things too you should right click the image, save it, and print it.

It comes out 4 lists on one 8.5 by 11 piece of paper.

Happy Listing!

todolist daisies for violet

October & November 2014

I can’t even think about all the stuff I’ve done this year.  Its been epic.  Its actually been a great year, if I stop and think about it.  Here is some from October and November.

The plan is to do a post a week.  Start slow.  Each month of so from last year I’ll post up, then I’ll just do a post about my week.  I’ll be using a lot of Instagram photos cause that’s just where they are all.  :)

{October/Novermber 2015}

In October I was still blogging but really losing steam.  I was feeling extremely anxious.  I was having nightmares.  I was very noise aware.  I felt like my entire sympathetic nervous system was on hyper drive.  I’ve had issues with depression since I was a kid, but the anxiety came up in 2008.  I remember it clearly.  And with kids its only gotten worse.  I heard about a class called “Roots & Blooms” being offered for free from The Light of the Heart.  They are amazing people and I found art therapy to be something that I needed at that point.   Traditional therapy doesn’t do anything for me.  I’ve been going on and off since I was 14.  However, I love cognitive therapy.   I need goals and tasks I guess.  The women in this class opened up so much understanding for me.   When I finished the class, the director, Melissa, offered me from counseling from one of the interns.  Jacquie.  She is a sister to me now.  I have come so far because she spent time with me figuring a whole lot of stuff out.  And letting me draw while we talked.

My boy also turned one in October.  Unreal.  He will be 2 in less than 2 weeks.  I made him a birthday banner.  I made one for the girl too before her first birthday.  Its one of the first things I had made in a long time and inspired me to create more.  So I guess thanks Vi  :)  I wanted to make these fabric because I wanted them to last through all their birthdays at home.  As long as they will let me still put them up.  Violet’s is very pastel so Wes’s is bright as hell.

I started a blanket that I actually haven’t finished yet.  This stitch is not the most forgiving.  But it does look really GOOD.  Crochet Intrelac is very cool and very time consuming.  I made half this blanket in about two weeks then just got sick of looking at it.  I have a hard time spending a lot of time when I don’t absolutely love the colors.

The October ArtBar them was Death.  The only Death I know was written by Neil Gaiman.  She is a quirky, sweet, and welcoming figure.  I love her.  This is the project that really got me thinking more about shapes and space and less about specific stitches.

I realize now I never posted a completed photo.  I remember doing an extensive shoot with my Nikon and a lightbox.  But you see how far that went.  You can see her in this photo.  She is still right next to me everyday.  Death is never far.

I also started this.  I’m an idiot. But I can’t say no when someone says, hey you wanna do a thing?!?  I ended up with 24 and I think that’s pretty damn good.  The craft show was at the Oswego High School. I remember going there when I was at the headphones in so your mom can’t talk to you phase.  The lady that was there selling lawn geese clothes IS STILL SELLING THEM.

The art show was Deamcatchers.  I did this as part of First Fridays.  Its a thing and its a great thing.  ArtBar is part of it, but it was so amazing to see my name alone.  I haven’t done a solo show since and I’m not gunning for one.  But I can’t lie.  I enjoyed it. I also liked making all of these.  I love the challenge of a doily pattern.

The Art show was before the craft so the left over Dreamcatchers got in on it too.  Like I said I didn’t sell anything.

Dang.  That’s some stuff.  I still have lots of those embroideries, let me know if there’s one you like and I’ll let you know if its still sitting over here.  October/November was an intense month.

Remember Me??

Hi everyone, is there anyone out there?



Oh, good, there you are.

So I took a little break.  11 months or so.  I was completely overwhelmed with figuring out blogging schedules, things to post, making stuff just to post it.  You know how it goes.  So I stopped.  It cleared up a lot of things for me.  I recently quit Facebook and that created so much space in my brain that I began to miss blogging and writing in general.

So, I decided to come back.  To write, to create, to share, for all the reasons I started this blog in the first place.  I refuse to get tied down by schedules.  I’ll try to post consistently just so its not annoying for loyal readers.  But I can’t promise anything more than what I’m able to get done today.  I know now that this is actually a respectable thing to say.  I know my limits.  I know what makes me insane and what makes me happy.  And I know what I’m passionate about.

In the past year I’ve moved more and more towards “art” over “craft”.  I’m helping to organize and run a group of artists and a monthly art show.  Its super important to me and I have created so many friendships.  We put together out first Art Festival and it was a huge success.  Learn more about this project here.   I also run the instagram.  Working with artists and organizing events is something I’m actually pretty good at.  I’m a god damn professional.

I’ve also changed my name.  I’m using my maiden name on my art now.  Because my husband didn’t make any of it.  Why should he get half the credit.  😉  I have been a Fiehn as long as I have been making.  It was feeling fake to write Millies on my work.

I’ve always been super active on instagram and you can always catch me there.  If you are a tumblr person I picked up one of those too.

I’m really looking forward to getting back into this.  And I really REALLY hope that there will be someone out there reading.


Have you ever taken an extended break from something you loved?


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