Well, well, well. Look who is quilting.

My gramma was a crocheter, embroider, and quilter.  The only thing I can’t do that she could is quilt.  I’ve been contemplating for a long time on how I would go about remedying that.   It’s too much fabric, it’s too hard to do, It’s expensive, I have small children and can’t leave things out.  All these things are valid but not enough to keep me back once I had spent over a year English Paper Piecing.  My first Hexie was November 2013.  I just basted for a long time partly because I really enjoy it and it’s small enough to carry around with me. Then I decided to make a runner for my mom to put on her dressers.  The more research I did in how to accomplish that the more I thought, shoot, I can quilt.

I used information from Modern Handcraft for the runner.  But ended up doing it incorrectly.  Pro tip, don’t read through, get the idea, and go for it.  Keep the page up.  Make sure that yours and their looks similar.  ugh.  I do that when I get excited.  My mom loved them. (One for each of her dressers) They were a birthday gift.  Roughtly 500 hexies and about 10 months of work.

2015-11-12 21.30.04 2015-11-12 22.00.09 2015-11-12 23.09.57 2015-12-03 18.31.52 2015-12-03 18.32.04-1


Next it was time to try simple piecing.  It wasn’t great.  I wont bother even showing  you.

Then Paper Piecing.  SO MUCH BETTER. My first tries.

2015-12-30 20.57.26 2015-12-30 21.35.05


There is a pattern by Jesse Art School Drop out that I have been coveting on her instagram for months, so I tried that next.

2016-01-04 16.37.44-1 2016-01-04 15.54.30 2016-01-04 19.07.56 2016-01-04 20.45.53

To be clear, I LOVE PAPER PIECING.  It takes lots of the guess work out even if it’s a little weird to do at first.  Its very first this, then this, then this.  My favorite.  If you want to check it out, try this tutorial.

Then I went to a fabric store, bought some fabric and immediately started a crib size quilt.  Half Square Triangles seem simple enough and I love me some triangles.  It turned out to be crib size and as soon as I’m done binding it, it’s his to ruin and hold on to.

2015-12-31 12.37.16 2016-01-01 13.30.42 2016-01-01 22.09.38 2016-01-06 18.40.48 2016-01-06 19.01.25 2016-01-09 11.21.39 2016-01-09 11.22.37-12016-01-09 23.09.35 2016-01-09 22.51.55 2016-01-09 21.13.22-1

I’ve bought fabric for binding but haven’t started yet.  I want to read up some more.

Then I found Wombatquilts and her mini paper piecing pattern and did this one in about 4 days.  It’s addicting.  I’m addicted.  My gramma would be so proud.

2016-01-10 21.44.17 2016-01-10 23.00.42 2016-01-12 18.01.58 2016-01-12 20.00.28 2016-01-12 20.44.16

Instead of doing regular binding, it makes me nervous, I wrapped the back fabric around.  I actually really like the effect.  This is 8.5 by 8.5.

File Jan 15, 7 53 30 PM




  1. Maja says:

    My gosh Teresa you did so many beautiful things… :) …. I can’t pick which one would be my favorite… And for sure your grandma would be so proud :)

    Happy sewing


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