{peter} Pan Collar

I take commissions semi regularly nowadays.  Mostly I still just make things cause I have an idea or saw something interesting I had to try or work with.

My favorite thing is when a friend of mine says “Hey can you make {a thing}?”  And I say “Yes!  I’ve been wanting to make a {a thing}!”

In this case the thing was Peter Pan Collars.  I had experimented with them in the past but I was eye balling some more beautiful vintage patterns on pinterest and needed a reason to make a couple.  So when my friend, who is someone that can absolutely pull up a collar daily, asked for a couple I was happy to oblige.

The white is a pattern I found on Ravelry.  I added the picots and the long bow, cause it really did need it.

Peter Pan Collar


The second I wanted more dense and I couldn’t find a pattern I liked so I made it up.  I’m planning to write it out and attempt to make a diagram but who has the time!  Please comment if you would like the pattern for free and I’ll motivate myself to write it up.  😉

Peter Pan Collar


I’ll give them to her this week and I hope she loves them!

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