Colorblocked Afghan {with instructions}

color block afghan

I buy not as much yarn as I used to. I like to have a selection. Everyone E in a while my yarn chooses what I’ll use it for.  This is one of those things.  Pink/red/orange is the best color combination ever. (That is until I fall in love with another). These yarns lined themselves next to each other and I took it from there.



I’ve got a quilt My gramma made for me for Christmas when I was about 6. We use it on the couch for cartoon and snuggles and its starting to fall apart.  It’s time to replace the snuggle blanket.

She took me 32 weeks I complete all 252 rows of single crochet / chain one stitches.   I mainly worked on it to avoid other more urgent projects.  Originally I had purple, fuchsia,  pink, red, orange. It worked out for size it the weight of all those stitches made the last orange unnecessary.  I would have liked that last color but it would have been about 8 feet stretched. Yeah, way too much blankie.



But man she’s still pretty.


2015-11-08 10.40.11


Wanna make one?  First thing, How wide do you want your blanket? I’m going to go with 72 inches.  I used Hobby Lobby “I love This Yarn” and a H hook.  Chain 12+1 and complete woven stitch for 3 or 4 rows until you have a flat piece of fabric.  Now measure it.  Multiply that those inches until you are at or near the width you wanted.

Like this –

Lets say I want my afghan 72 inches wide.

My test is ch 12+1 of Woven Stitch.  We all know crochet diagrams are the best so here ya go.

woven stitch diagram


And this is how it turned out.  3 inches.



72/3 = 24  24*12 = 288

So, chain 288+1, follow the diagram, then 252 rows later you will have one very heavy and comfy afghan.  That’s 72,576 stitches, by the way.

color block afghan




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