If you have {a minute}


I’m what they call ‘time anxious.’  I’m ready to go out an hour before we leave and I worry I’ll be late somehow anyway.  If it takes 15 minutes to get somewhere, I leave 30 minutes early.

Also, I have a very nearly 2 year old and a very nearly 4 year old in my house so that throws another wrench in the time frames in my head.  Two very stong willed wrenches.  I’m also a housewife and an artist.  So, needless to say I have some shit to do.

Its happens too often that I don’t get anything done cause I’m anxious that one activity will overlap into another.

I created this To Do list with the idea in mind that I should organize tasks based on how long they will take and not necessarily importance.  I know I can’t pull out a quilt project while the kid is watching Curious George.  But I might be able to write up a blog post.   So if I make that list in the morning when it’s (in theory) a little calmer then I can glance at it later without the need to calculate how long things will take.

Sometimes people tell me that I over think things.  Eh.  If you over think things too you should right click the image, save it, and print it.

It comes out 4 lists on one 8.5 by 11 piece of paper.

Happy Listing!

todolist daisies for violet

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