December 2014 {or how I make Tony some shorts}

So we are up to December now.  As you may have noticed, all of these photos are from instagram.  Part of the reason I gave up blogging is because even though I have a very nice camera and very nice lighting, I never actually get around to taking a photo with my nice things.  I’m not going to fool myself and think that I’m going to pull out my Nikon, but I will make an effort to take better photos with my phone.

After all the art show and the craft show I really needed a break.  So I decided to reorganize all my floss.  Nice and relaxing.  I call these things a make break.  After a major project I almost always reorganize and sort.

And then I immediately started making small things for the NIDO show.  There is another coming up in December.  It was one of the more successful and fun shows I did and I’m really looking forward to doing it again.



The december ArtBar show was the Black and White Show.  I bought a cintage wedding photo and stitched gas masks on their faces.  I saw so many people looking at it and wowing while I secretly hoped it wouldn’t go anywhere.  It didn’t.  This is all mine  :)

I got a commission to make crochet shorts for a friend of mine.  It was harder than I thought it would be, actually, but they turned out hilarious and he ended up winning the “Ugly Sweater” contest.

I made the girl a super cute hat.  She requested a pink hat.  And bonus, it fits again this year.

I picked up hexies from Hugs are Fun.  She taught me how to baste on Nov 6th and I was immediately into it.  The fabrics and the textures and they are so fast!  I’m still addicted.  This is my very first hexie.

You get the idea.  Much much more on hexies later.

I tried to knit.  This is exactly how far I got.  Knitting is something that I want to learn to do, but not right now.  😉



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