October & November 2014

I can’t even think about all the stuff I’ve done this year.  Its been epic.  Its actually been a great year, if I stop and think about it.  Here is some from October and November.

The plan is to do a post a week.  Start slow.  Each month of so from last year I’ll post up, then I’ll just do a post about my week.  I’ll be using a lot of Instagram photos cause that’s just where they are all.  :)

{October/Novermber 2015}

In October I was still blogging but really losing steam.  I was feeling extremely anxious.  I was having nightmares.  I was very noise aware.  I felt like my entire sympathetic nervous system was on hyper drive.  I’ve had issues with depression since I was a kid, but the anxiety came up in 2008.  I remember it clearly.  And with kids its only gotten worse.  I heard about a class called “Roots & Blooms” being offered for free from The Light of the Heart.  They are amazing people and I found art therapy to be something that I needed at that point.   Traditional therapy doesn’t do anything for me.  I’ve been going on and off since I was 14.  However, I love cognitive therapy.   I need goals and tasks I guess.  The women in this class opened up so much understanding for me.   When I finished the class, the director, Melissa, offered me from counseling from one of the interns.  Jacquie.  She is a sister to me now.  I have come so far because she spent time with me figuring a whole lot of stuff out.  And letting me draw while we talked.

My boy also turned one in October.  Unreal.  He will be 2 in less than 2 weeks.  I made him a birthday banner.  I made one for the girl too before her first birthday.  Its one of the first things I had made in a long time and inspired me to create more.  So I guess thanks Vi  :)  I wanted to make these fabric because I wanted them to last through all their birthdays at home.  As long as they will let me still put them up.  Violet’s is very pastel so Wes’s is bright as hell.

I started a blanket that I actually haven’t finished yet.  This stitch is not the most forgiving.  But it does look really GOOD.  Crochet Intrelac is very cool and very time consuming.  I made half this blanket in about two weeks then just got sick of looking at it.  I have a hard time spending a lot of time when I don’t absolutely love the colors.

The October ArtBar them was Death.  The only Death I know was written by Neil Gaiman.  She is a quirky, sweet, and welcoming figure.  I love her.  This is the project that really got me thinking more about shapes and space and less about specific stitches.

I realize now I never posted a completed photo.  I remember doing an extensive shoot with my Nikon and a lightbox.  But you see how far that went.  You can see her in this photo.  She is still right next to me everyday.  Death is never far.

I also started this.  I’m an idiot. But I can’t say no when someone says, hey you wanna do a thing?!?  I ended up with 24 and I think that’s pretty damn good.  The craft show was at the Oswego High School. I remember going there when I was at the headphones in so your mom can’t talk to you phase.  The lady that was there selling lawn geese clothes IS STILL SELLING THEM.

The art show was Deamcatchers.  I did this as part of First Fridays.  Its a thing and its a great thing.  ArtBar is part of it, but it was so amazing to see my name alone.  I haven’t done a solo show since and I’m not gunning for one.  But I can’t lie.  I enjoyed it. I also liked making all of these.  I love the challenge of a doily pattern.

The Art show was before the craft so the left over Dreamcatchers got in on it too.  Like I said I didn’t sell anything.

Dang.  That’s some stuff.  I still have lots of those embroideries, let me know if there’s one you like and I’ll let you know if its still sitting over here.  October/November was an intense month.


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