foldio. omg.

I like stuff. I like interesting. Trinkety cool stuff. Same reason I like photos. I have a hard time not picking up small things that I think are interesting or have meaning attached to them for me. That’s what houses are for right?

Part of the reason I’ve slowed down on tutorials and blogs post is because Wes is 9 mo that now and Violet is 2.5 and they are on different sleep schedules and I can’t get anything done with wither of them awake. That and my lighting is really bad at night when they are both asleep.

A friend sent me this link and I had to have it. I hope it will make me photograph more things I’ve made.

My light tent works but it was bulky and I dropped and broke one of the lights. That was enough to push me to get the folio. Its perfect for my purposes now and I can leave it up all the time if I want to.

He’s the foldio in action and some of my little stuff.

daisies for violet

daisies for violet




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