Renegade Thread Organization

Something that I’m always trying to go is organize my colors.  As an artist that has never taken an art class I have a whole lot of anxiety when picking out colors and palettes.

Before this last summer I owned about 50 DMC colors.  That was my embroidery kit made from my grandmother’s extras she handed over when I was about 20. I had held onto it like a prize until just a few months ago when I begain to daydream about all the colors and all the gradients.

Attempt #1 was to put all colors in number order so I can easily find them. I soon realized that DMC, although the largest selection, doesn’t have every color that I want. And, as I’m sure you know, the numbers make no sense. I’m sure they make sense to someone at DMC but they don’t make an ordered sense. That didn’t work. I also don’t make many things that I have to find a specific number. I go purely off the colors.

Attempt #2 Colors. I have dark blue, blue, light blue. There was no attempt at purple/blue, bright blue, navy blue, green/blue. It was purely what I perceived as dark and light. That worked alright. Until I wanted a gradient. And I don’t want some half ass this looks color gradient. I want the real one. The three colors that are made to be a step away from each other. That was impossible to find because 1. I didn’t own every single color. And 2. They were all spread out.

Attempt #3. DMC Color Families. Although a great idea in theory. There are the gradients, there is the logical progression. I used the color card to obtain most of the colors (I have 80 left to pick up at the time of this writing, quite a jump from the 50 I had 6 months ago) DMC has 434 colors. Just in it’s regular colors. I need some greens still. This didn’t work cause I couldnt get them in the plastic holders without the colors that I hadn’t got yet. AND I had gradients but what red fit what purple. There was way too much just staring at this sea of slivers of color.

Attempt #4. FUCK IT. There are three types of colors. Warm. Cool. Neutral. Going with that.

I love color. I like big messes of color. It seems to be the only thing in my life I prefer to be messing. Somehow I can see tone and value better that way. So I went with it. So far I rummage through until I find he orange I want. Then I shift some more to find the yellow that has a similar tone to the orange. I feel a bitt like a renegade doing it this way.

I highly recommend it. Now I’m all;

Picking out colors can be this much fun!

First, I got one of these from Michaels. I hated the plastic holders. They just are so not pretty to hold something so pretty.

thread organization

Blues and greens. I got some wrapping to do.

thread organization

Neutrals and varigated.

neutrals thread colors

Brights! Aka the colors I like.

warm thread colors


thread organization

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