I’m Kind of a Big Deal

Oh no, not me. I’m not.  Not at all.

But some of my friends are.  Especially Jeanne.  

She’s kind of a huge deal in our enormous little town.

Aurora, Il is the second larges city in IL.  And if you are someone in this town you know Jeanne.  She was the force behind Culture Stock bookstore and Louche Puce Flea Market. She was my personal introduction in the art center that is still a little bit hidden in my city but also bursting at the seems.  And for that I am grateful.  She is also a bit of an aunt and role model to my kids.  She’s tells it exactly like it is and is someone I look up to and respect.

So, I made her this.




4 Inch hoop. Very simple one strand in a melon pink that I forgot to write down the color number. Whoops. Forgive me. She only took about 3 hours. Super fun to make.

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