{&stitches swap} Elizabeth Tower

I keep missing the Mr XStitch Fat Quarter swap.  Its something that seems very fun and its full of very talented artists.

So I was ecstatic to realize I could sign up for &stitches first ever swap. They are one of my favorite sites by far.  I set a calendar reminder to tell me when I could officially sign up. And I did, as soon as that alarm went off.

I got my swap partner.  Elisabeth from Germany.  She blogs at sewingfairytales.blogspot.com  and after looking at her blog and talking with her a bit I was even more excited.

I’ve said before that most of what I make are gifts.  I love the idea of making something for someone that I don’t know.  I feel like there is an odd purity to the chance to know very little about a person.  Maybe an email or two.  The only information you have is what they have told you about themselves.  Then come up with something uniquely for that person.  Its a challenge.  And a very satisfying one.

Elisabeth told me that she loves London and living in Germany she has been able to travel there twice.  I decided that she may like something that reminds her of one of her favorite places.  I choose to create a pattern for Big Ben because what’s more iconic than Big Ben?  I’ve never been there so my uncultured American guess is that its sorta a big deal.  I really hope I’m right.  Big Ben is the name of the clock that sits atop Elizabeth Tower.  It just so happened that my swap partners name is Elisabeth.  (Honestly. I realized that as I was just typing it.  That’s amazing.)

big Ben embroidery

I used yellow 783 green 501 and gray 844.   One strand of DMC all the way around. But as you can on the borders I doubled the stitch but still only had one thread for each stitch.  This is my now usual backstitch technique.

She is sitting in a 7′ hoop.

big Ben embroidery


I’ve never mailed a hoop before.  I’m only mildly terrified.

It got there and she likes it. :).

My package was amazing. The embroidery was only a piece of the wonderful goodie box. (Dedicated post to come)

My New York skyline is gorgeous and just my style. Manhattan remind me of what can be built from nothing.

Its up on my very special stuff wall :) Thank you Elisbeth!




  1. Rebecca says:

    I really love the simplicity of this, the colors really pop against the white background. It’s simple but so sophisticated. Does that make any sense at all?

    • Teresa Millies says:

      Yes! And thank you :) I really wanted a clean look for it. I think using one thread and this type of stitching is what I have been trying to accomplish for a long time. I’m glad you like it 😀

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