{photography} Fujufilm Instax 50s


I have a huge softspot for instant cameras.  I miss film, but you can’t buy film and develop it anywhere.  I have a Birdfly and I tried to develop the film at Walgreens.  Bad call.  The machine corrected the color.  Totally negating the whole point.

I got a Polariod 600 for my 18th birthday and I used it all the time.  The film was expensive even then and was discontinued 5 years later.  The impossible project is awesome but again, I can’t afford it.  When I can I’m all over it.

I was originally looking at the Fujufilm Instax 8 because they sell them at Michea’ls where I work and I can get the film at a discount.  I started comparing prices and stats and I realized that if I was going to do it I needed to get the 50s.

So here she is.

instax 50s

instax 50s


I ordered her off B&H.com.  Which if you are into cameras, is the devil.  Free shipping.  kthanksbye.  I can get the film at Micheals and don’t have to wait for it.   The film was really the deciding factor, as I explained above.

I’ll add another post of photos when I have some good ones to show off :)

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