{How to} Join Granny Squares as you go



It’s the only way.

Everyone knows what a granny square is.  Lots of people know how to make one.  So I’m not going to teach you.  (Unless you want me to teach you and I’ll make another post!)

I’ve been toying with the idea of a stash buster for a long time. I’ve got a ton of little balls of yarn.  And I’ve been doing a lot of embroidery and I was missing yarn.  I came across this idea to make two row granny squares instead of the usual three and I like the look a ton.  Little plus signs.  This one will be a baby blanket, just because of the amount of yarn that I have.  I’m sure I’ll run out before it gets big enough to be anything else.  I’ll have this for sale at my first fair, Louche Puce.

Its purdy. Lookit.


blanket1 granny blanket granny square blanket


So here is how I’m doing it. I have to apologize for the image quality of the step by step and the camera point of view in the video below.  Lesson learned.  And again, this isn’t a video to teach you to make a granny square, but to join as you make that square, so I’m hoping that you will get the idea with these.  :)

join as you go


I’ve also included this video to further help.

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