{How to} Orgnaize! Project File Idea

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A year or two ago I saw something on pinterest that was kind of a calendar that you can use for years.  Of course I can’t find it now.  But I made it and I never used it.

Recently I haven’t been crocheting as much because of being busy in, you know, life.  I feel like I’ve done nothing with myself and I started wishing I had something to show all the things I’ve made.

The blog posts here are maybe 50% of what I’ve actually made and completed.  That said, I have some blankets and some random little things.  But most of my work I’ve given away.  Christmas 2012 I made something like 40 things.  But I couldn’t tell you what they are.  Or what I actually did to create them.

I also tend to start something and forget what hook I used, or the name of the yarn or where the hell the pattern is.  This will remedy that too.  :)

I found my little box for that calendar and decided to turn it into a project file.

To begin
Start with note cards and a box. Then make dividers   I choose to stick with the months I had already made.  The project will be found in the month that I started it in.

On each card I have.

and on the back

project organization project organization project organization


Project is the name.  The first one I made was the baby blanket that I made for my then gestating little boy.  You can see here I started it when we were thinking of naming him simply “West”. So it says “Chevron Blankie for name“.  Then Hook is a G and the Yarn is Patron’s Beehive baby Chunky.  (I kinda love this stuff).

Time is mostly so I know how long it would take if someone wanted one like it.  Or so I know the last possible second I can start one.  Completed is so I know that it took 5 hours to make but I stretched it over 2 months.

And then pattern.  When its something like a chevron I just need a simple diagram or two rows.  That I will print on the back.  Something more complicated I’ll bookmark the site and the just write down the name of the bookmark.  Also the color pattern, if there is one.   I tend to change my mind on this part way in, so this MAY help prevent that.

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