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breastfeeding embroidery

Breastfeeding woman.

Ok, truth be told I’m a little bit of a hippie.  I breastfeed my kids.  Which isn’t why I think I’m a hippie, but I’ll keep the rest to myself so that you don’t think less of me.  Suffice it to say.  I DO shower. 😉

I breastfeed my kids.  It was hell in the beginning but now it’s easy and I can’t imagine making a bottle.  Wes would be eating food at 7 months, but I’m a little lazy and I’d rather just give him a boob.

I also love history and anatomy.  After Violet was born we spent a lot of time with lactation consultants and I seriously considered becoming one myself.

I came across this picture and kept coming back to it over and over.  I did two pieces for the Artbar, which was a total hit by the way, and had 40 hours to complete another.  This is the one I choose.

She sits in a 10′ frame and stitches used are mainly running and backstitch.  I used two threads in the outline and one for any shading or fill.  I printed her, put her up on my window, put fabric over her and used my water soluble pen to trace her.

This is what this process looked like with “Mid Brain”.

embroidery transfer


She took about 12 hours.  Which was more than I expected because the others took about 15.  I don’t have any process photos cause I really just knocked her out as fast as I could.

Here is the back, which honestly I love as much, if not more than her front.

P1070312 P1070311 breastfeeding embroidery


And then here is her front.  The hair was the most time consuming, but it enjoyed it the most.

breastfeeding embroidery breastfeeding embroidery breastfeeding embroidery


She is still for sale, and will hopefully go to a good home this summer at one of the various fairs I’ll be attending.  I am enjoying her while shes mine.  :)

I’m going to say this is freehand embroidery, not knowing exactly what that means.  😀

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