{photography} Combichrist concert

Sunday the 13th we went to see one of our favorite bands, Combichrist.  They are considered aggrotech, aggressive techno.  We have seen them 4 times since 2009.  In Chicago, Atlanta, Williamburg, SC and this time in Chicago.  We saw them at House of Blues in Chicago, in one of the most interesting places I’ve ever seen, not even as a venue, but in general one of the coolest places ever and a tiny crappy bar in South Carolina that isn’t even worth mentioning other than we did the meet and greet (awesome) and there was maybe 100 people there.  Each time the show has evolved and gotten better.

This show, the band’s lead, Andy Lepluega found a man’s licence on the stage.  He asked where the man was, invited him on stage, hugged him and gave him his ID back.  For being big scary screaming “goth” they seem like a bunch of nice young men.  They repeatedly said they are grateful for their fans.  The average age of the crowd, I’d guess was 30.   We’ve been with them for a little while.

So I hung up the metaphorical apron and mom jeans and threw on a black hoodie and headed for the city.

They played at Bottom Lounge in Chicago.  It’s an interesting venue.  There is a bar/restaurant, then behind the big black doors there is standing room for  700 people.  And this show was totally sold out.

We had a total blast.  We paid for it for days.

Back to the apron and mom jeans.  :)


daisies for violet

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Bottom Lounge Bottom Lounge Bottom Lounge Bottom Lounge Chicago Chicago Chicago Chicago


Chicago Chicago Chicago Chicago P1070268 Chicago Chicago Chicago Bottom Lounge

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