{Outing} Randolph Street Market

I got tickets on Living Social and paid $4 each.  SO WORTH IT.  Even just to walk around and know that some of these things exist makes me happier.  Flea markets, artisian fairs, thrift stores, they all open something in my brain that just makes me happy.

They happen monthly.  In May – September they are in a three level Union hall AND a huge parking lot. They boast 250 vendors.



If you are in or near Chicago, I highly recommend checking it out.

Here is what I bought.

I really love interesting jewelry.  Especially anything having to do with fiber art.

I didn’t “buy” this but it’s great.  As a camera nerd, I love this set up.  You just smile, hit the button, and this super nice guy hands you your ticket to claim your prize; your photo.  So clean and clever.  They have a single fashion style soft flash that creates the most beautifully textured photos.

My mom and I both feel super dorky trying to act all dorky.  So it’s just a simple smile from us.  :)

Some of what I saw.

Finally, He’s my boy and Aunt Gail.  My kids are going to be like 15 and ask how Gail is related to us. She totally isn’t.  It will blow their minds.

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