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1.  This little owl my mom requested.  I need to find a frame now.  The more steps there are to a project, the less likely it is that I will finish the project.  I’ve always been someone that preferred to finish things in one sitting.  It’s really a miracle I’ve made any afghans.

2.  Last Friday was ArtBar.  There was a very good 50’s cover band.  It was one of my favorite bands in a while.

3, 4 & 5. Saturday I organized something called “A Photo an Hour” on Facebook.  About 600 people ended up getting invited and about 15 people actually followed through all day.  We posted 1 photo every hour all day.  That was the only rule.  Not at an exact time, doesn’t have to be of something particular, doesn’t have to be all 24 hours, just while you are awake.  It was interesting to see the “rules” people decided to give to themselves.  We posted to facebook.  There were multople comments from people saying, what is this?  It looks fun!  and many others saying they want to participate next time.    I feel like I got to know many people better because of this.  I’m thinking we will do another in the summer on a really nice Sunday.  Here we have 9am Jake’s Bagels, 10am my good friend Gail playing with my kids and 11am Violet killing some frozen strawberries.

6. Stem stitch as a fill.  I love the way this looks.  I’m eventually going to dedicate a full post on how to do this and make it fill completely.

7. My boy is 6 months old.  How did that even happen?

8 & 9.  Winter finally let up.  Thank GOD.

10. I have 5 spots where I have yarn stashed like this.  Sometimes I don’t ever want to find a project for them.  I love the colors just like this.

11, 12 & 13.  Rebecca at got a ton of positive feedback about a project she started that she is calling doodle embroidery.  She decided to do a stitch-a-long.  It was great timing.  I’ve been wanting to stitch on fabric that has an existing pattern.  It’s an idea that just sat in my head.  Thanks for giving me a tangible reason to get some awesome fabric.  Follow #doodlestitchalong on instagram to follow and JOIN US!

14. Culture Stock is the best.  End of story.

15. Pre job interview good luck selfie.  I not only got the job I wanted but she offered me another job that I wanted but didn’t want to want TOO much.  I’m going to be teaching crochet and framing at Micheal’s.  I was a framer right after high school at Hobby Lobby.  It was my most favorite job before training.  I’m very excited I’ll be able to do BOTH things that I love to do professionally.

16. The typography.  Swoon.

17, 18 & 20.  Instagram is for giveaways.  #winallthethings

19. This bag is my most favorite bag that has ever bagged.  I need to stitch on it.  Ideas?

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