Last week on Instagram {3.28-4.4}

I’ve decided to this little weekly instagram post to Wednesdays.  So don’t go looking for it on Fridays anymore, k?
1.  A pixel family for a friend that recently moved very far away.  I hope that she gets it soon.
2. A vintage wheelchair.  My uncle is in the hospital.  Yes, it’s serious.  No, I don’t really want to talk about it.
3.  The chicken in the hospital room playing on my mom’s ipad.  I don’t have one so when she gets it it keeps her busy for a bit.  They ponytail is new and it makes me really happy to fix her hair for her. I’ve never really been doting on children, but this is something I always wanted to do with my daughter.  There is something special about it.
4.  How to blog post about stitching on paper and boxes and whatever else that you can think of that isn’t fabric.  
5.  My mom’s medicine.  Easter is coming.
6 & 7. Hoop-La!  I finally got one.  It’s great.   
8.  Randolph Street Fair.  This is what I picked up.  Read about it in this post.  The place is outstanding, suffice to say.
9. Something I was working on.  Stitched on paper.
10.  Baby foods!  It’s that time again.
11. It’s a grim cat.
12. My to-do list.  The most important thing is the last thing.  Buy beer.
13. I made Violet this blanket when my orginal one failed.  Well it didn’t fail.  I just didn’t like it and i didn’t want to do it anymore.  BUT she still needed a blanket.  She’s starting to use it more now.  I love these colors, some is made from vintage yarn.
14. #stitchaday #astitchaday  March.
15, 16 & 20.  A little owl my mom requested.  She’s teeny.  3.5 by 3.5.
17. She got some cowboy boots. OMGCUTE
18. #TBT  My second afghan.  And the beginning of my chevron problem. February 2013.
19.  I screwed up the paper project from #9.  How NOT to stitch on paper, here
Happy Wed-nes-day!


  1. Leslie says:

    I hope your uncle gets well soon. You’ve got a lot going on. I love her little ponytail & those boots! Eeek, so cute. I hope you guys are having a great Wednesday.

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