This week on Instagram {3.14-3.24}

Good Friday, friends!

I’m combining the last two weeks because I didn’t post as much as I usually do.

My phone (Sony Xperia) stopped working.  And I mean it completely bricked it self.  It took a few days to get a new one.  Then 4 days later, it bricked it self again.  I’m now on my third in 9 days.



Instagram, yay!

1. My biy is crawling.  It’s an awkward jerky random crawling.  But it’s also effective.
2. Baby’s first mythos.  I love Greek mythology and Neil Gaiman.  Both of my kids are named after personifications and characters in Gaiman’s The Sandman.  Violet Moirae (fate) and Westin Oneiros (dreams).  As it is Greek, there are beautiful explanations.  Google it.  :)
3 and 4.  My dream catcher I won on a giveaway.  It beautiful!  It’s by BettyB.  Like her page.  It’s totally worth it to see what she makes.
5.  New business cards with a preview of the new wordpress site.  This is my incentive to get the site going.  We’re maybe 50% done now.  My husband is a software engineer.  I get domain names for my birthdays.
6.I bought a uke.  I hate learning to strum.
7.  Instamatic.  I need to take some photos and count and catalog all my old cameras.  So many are just so well made and good looking.
8. Sugar n Cream.  I love this color so much.  For an ex goth I really love these springy colors.  No shame!  I forget what I bought this for, but at the time I needed it.  :)
9.Size 6 toddler bowling shoes.  We took the kid bowling for the first time.  She’s a smash and grab kinda chick, so she loved the concept.  My husband and I met through mutual friends at a bowling ally in 2002.  So, this was a bit of a special outing for us.   He’s still a much better bowler than me.  Jerk.
10.  This afghan was started in September for a baby that was born 4 weeks ago.  :/  I’m not usually so behind.  I also like bright socks.
11.  A local theater plays free movies Sunday morning.  I took Vi to see how long she would last in a theater.  Longer than me.  This movie sucks.  But it was really fun watching her reaction to a theater.  She asked me for popcorn.  I have no idea how she knew.
12.  Middle of the night exhausted selfie.  I still need a profile pic to put on everything that’s recognizable.  As my “brand”.
13.  My boy is sweet and cute.  :)
14. My best friend most of my life moved to Italy in January.  I’m sending her a little care package.   This one is a little different from the other’s I’ve made and I like this line up a bit better. It’s tiny tho.  If her husband wasn’t so tall it would fit in a 3″ hoop.
15.  An antique wheelchair.  We were congregating in the hospital waiting test results.  They were not good.  I take photos when I’m upset.  And I have a thing for old medical equipment.
Do you have an instagarm?  follow for follow?  😉

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