Stitched: Little Leather Purse.

I found this purse at a local thrift store and picked it up for 2 bucks with the intention of stitching something on it.

I’d say 90% of what I work on is hair brained ideas I’ve had and HAVE to try.

I decided on the word I wanted on it and drew it up on some graph paper.  I got a cute little graph paper notebook at Target a while back.

I’ve been looking for a 12X16 notebook of graph paper but I can’t seem to find any.

I then straight pinned it to the purse and stitched right over it.  It just took some tweezers and a little patience to rip the paper off.

I love this teal.  DMC 3849.  It seems all my favorite colors are 38 something.  Interesting.

It’s going to be summer soon. This is my light summer purse.


 noun ˈkash

a :  a hiding place especially for concealing and preserving provisions or implements

b :  a secure place of storage

:  something hidden or stored in a cache
:  a computer memory with very short access time used for storage of frequently or recently used instructions or data —called also cache memory

Do you stitch on anything that isn’t made to stitch on?

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