Package Pals – What I sent. {Make Something Beautiful}

This is what I got.  ( add link  )

Here is what I sent –

Lindsay mentioned that she wanted to learn to sew.  I can’t teach her to sew but I can set her up with a kit to learn to embroider.

I got three boxes from Hobby lobby and hand stitched them.  It was important for me to send her a kit, but also something that I made so if she doesn’t choose to learn to embroider, at least she has something pretty.

This includes

    1 hand stitched 8’x8′ box containing full kit
    1 hand stitched box to hold floss
    1 hand stitched box to hold needles and sharps
    2 vintage gold sharps
    14 various Sullivan’s floss colors and floss bobbins
    1 6” embroidery hoop
    2 tear away stablizers
    2 pieces of fabric
    1 Aunt Martha’s pattern pack
The only thing I didn’t include was a scissor.  
I really enjoyed doing making this and putting it all together.  95% of the time I’m making things for other people.  I don’t remember the last thing I made for myself, let alone finished.
It’s really just more fun this way.  I like to make stuff then give it away.    


  1. Debbie Tom says:

    This is so beautiful and original. I love it. I want to make this and hope I can do a good job at it. I’m not crafty but i think this is doable! Thank you for sharing with us at The MaMade Blog Hop

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