My week on Instagram {3.8 – 3.14}

Another week has gone by already.  The days are so long, but the weeks are so short.  The kids get older everyday.  The weather….the weather doesn’t change much.

1. Jeff and I went to an art show of bootleg t-shirts.  I write a little about it here.  There were t-shirts covering the walls of The Yetee.  They operate out of a building in our downtown.  It’s a very interesting building and they open up to art shows every once in a while.  We also see all our artsy friends there.

2.  I’m convinced that when I make a bunch of cranes I have good luck.  I was able to knock out 7 that day.  They still take me forever.

3 & 15.  I went to Ulta to get a haircut and picked up some nail polish too.  I wore black nail polish from 13 to 27.  Honestly, like every single day.  Then it popular and as a true goth kid, I dropped it.   I began experimenting with different colors, even got a couple manicures.  But it didn’t stick.  It’s too much maintenance now.  Vi likes me to paint her nails so we both did the pink.  I have filters on each photo so you can’t see the true color.  I really love this pink.

4.  The chick that cuts my hair is awesome with it.  The first cut last year we did from waist to shoulders then a couple weeks later we took it up to a true pixie.  I can’t see myself any other was now.

5.  I love quilts with a modern geometric feel to them.  But I can’t quilt so I’ve been working out making a “quilt” afghan.  It’s at the bottom of my To Do but Its one of the things I really want to play with.

6. My mom keeps finding these with these pretty badly done off centered needlework butterflies and bees in them.   Best hoops ever though.

7. I have a shelf above my desk with just stuff on it.  I’m a fan of stuff, but I hate clutter so it’s really a delicate balance. Skeleton nutcracker from Halloween 2011.  2011 was a big year for us.  A Bell & Howell camera.  Stylistically, it’s one of my favorites.  A giant palmistry hand.  An anatomical skeleton book page, “Find Something Beautiful” is really just a reminder to be positive in my attitude.  My first “paper quilt”, and a few cranes.

8. I’m still working on getting all the DMC colors.  I don’t wrap them as soon as I get them by any means.  I love the look of loose floss so I just kind of stall.  No one really needs 50 reds.  I just WANT them all.  Pokemon style.

9. Teensy stitches.  These are for earrings.  I have them in the tiny button but I have to put backs on them.  They were for a show, but that show go canceled so they are mine now  :)

10.  Experimenting with the video function.

12. I honestly feel like I’m stealing with I take more than two these.  They were for boxes for that show.  So now they will just sit on my desk until the next show.  :)

13. We made banana bread.  As she is stirring she sings, “Maaaakin’ maaaakin’ i’s maaaakin’.  Momma! Wook!”  It’s the best.  And nearly erases how stressful it is for me to let her experiment and not worry about a mess or imperfect banana bread.

14. Maker problems : Nails to long to make anything.  Cut them.  Nails too short to make anything.  It’s true.  The tips of my fingers get all sensitive with my nails are long.

15. The top of the box for my Package Pal.  I love how this turned out.  I’d don’t normally aim for “pretty”.

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