My week on Instagram {2.29 – 3.7}

Two posts in one day!  OMG.  Fast or feast my friends.

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(Starting at the bottom this time because I realized this made more sense)

1. My kid is freaking cute.  She is just starting to keep glasses on and smile for the camera.

2.  I got these shoes for her at Buy Buy Baby  I wish they came in my size.  She loved the “dots” and she can take them on and off herself.

3.  Vi’s mittens.  I finished them (hopefully) late in the season but they should fit her next year too.  I love them.

4.  Stitchaday.  February. Dead issue.

5.  Saturday was my cousin’s 13th birthday.

6. It was also my birthday.   My mom, dad, and brother came over with cake.  Violet blew out my candles.  Lil jerk.  :)    I’m 32 now.  I feel 24.  I guess that’s where aging stopped for me.  

7. I got this at Target or $8.  The hand was a little bent but it bent right back.  My house was built in 1954 and i try to add thins to it that look like they belong.  1945-1960 is the best era for design anyway.

8. and 12.   A gift.  She’s on Instagram so I can’t show it till tomorrow.  :)  I fell for these little flowers and blackwork.  It’s more traditional than usual and I enjoyed doing it.

9. and 11. Mr. Eric Sholtz Monster and the beginning of Mr. Gutter Punk Monster.  They are for the ArtBar show.

10.  We went to the Land of Nod outlet.  Better than the park, I swear.  I do confess, I wanted this as much as she did.

13. Obligatory cat pic.

14.  I got some Pantone paint colors at Lowes this week.  I want to paint Violet’s room finally. I don’t want pink, just cause but I also thing I have bee unfair to pink.  I can’t decide.

15.  The Pantone Swatches.  There is something so satisfying about seeing this many great colors together.

16. and 17.  My hair is too long.  I’m trying to postpone a cut.  It’s not working.

18. My boy is 5 months old and he is belly laughing.  It’s the best.

19.  I made this purse.  It says cashe.  I have a blog scheduled about it for next Tuesday.  :)

20.  This morning was.  EPIC.  The whole world is against me.  Bad luck on bad luck.  I’m going to chase of that luck with my Wolves teeth.  Holla.

How was your week?


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