I like cameras too.

I’m still working on my move to WordPress.  I’ve got everything set up design-wise.  But I’m learning out to actually operation the blog now.  One of the things that i will be doing with WordPress is adding my photography into the site.

I have a Teresa Millies Photo + Design as well as Daisies for Violet.  I focus much more on my making stuff than I do with my shooting stuff.

I decided there is no good reason anymore to keep the two separate and maybe (hopefully) this will get me shooting me.

Me as a photographer –

I bought a D60 in 2007.  I have always been a little into the idea of photography, having taken some classes in high school.  The camera was a impulse purchase that has since become a basis of how I look at everything in front of me.

I now shoot with a Nikon D7000 and a Lumix.  I also own a Holga and Blackbird, fly.  I love lomography. Film is something I want to spend some time on but haven’t had the cash to do so.  Walgreen’s does not print film from a toy camera very well at all.

I’m excited to share my photography with everyone  :)

Here are a few shots over the years.


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