Aurora First Fridays, Artbar: Toy Show.

Every first friday of the month Aurora gets real artsy.

Tonight we have a few places to be.  First Violet drew a picture with about 15 other kids to participate in First Fridays over at Culture Stock.  We are at the bookstore a lot and I love it there.

Next we have Kevin playing at The Yetee.  Kevin is a good, old friend.  But I watch him play like a fan. I love his music, and knowing him and his family and my BFF/ His wife Jen so well it adds something to the music.  :)

I want a shirt. Fb invite here.

Finally we have the artbar.  We go every month and either me or Jeff is in it always.

Always a TON of great art.  There are more artists every month.

My contribution are these guys,
from Left to right.
Mr. Gutter Punk Monster.
Mr. Bela Lagoofy Monster
Mr. Eric Sholtz Monster.

See you tonight!


See those three little stickers?  That means I sold all three!

Here’s a few works that especially loved that night.

Jessi is a badass that makes badass clay figurines.

I’m totally amazed by Brittney’s needle felting.  She’s also a photographer.

I don’t know Anne Bruckner but she made this amazing Frankenstein.  I like of love Frank.


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