Stitching on Canvas: Be Excellent to Each Other

I’ve completed a couple and started a couple embroidery on canvas projects.  I really like to stitch on a store bought canvas.  They are always on sale, no matter the craft store you prefe,r and they are ready to hang.

I’ve seen a few of those “House Rules” hangings.  Lots of people have them.  I feel like they are too sentimental for us.  I call my husband jerkface and tell him I hate him.  He tells me to shut up pretty often.  This is our way to say I love you.  (It’s ok, we still actually say “I love you”)  People don’t always get it.   That’s ok.  It’s our humor and we match.

So something sweet on the wall just wasn’t going to work.

However, be excellent to each other.

It’s the golden rule really.  We say mean-ish things to each other.  I’m sure it will be the same with the kids, assuming they will have our dark sense of humor and dorkiness.  If they don’t then we won’t.

I want to go to sleep knowing that I have shown the people I love that I love them.  That I’ve treated them the way that they deserve.

I also needed something to cover that hole in the wall.


16×20 stretched canvas
DMC numbers 413 and 3801
I created a template in Photoshop, printed it, taped it to the canvas and poked holes with a stamping tool that looks like an ice pick.

It’s one of the few things that I enjoyed all the way through and still like completed.  :)


    • Teresa Millies says:

      Natasha, I just got the notification for you comment! Thanks for leaving one. :) This floss is the heavier DMC, Pearl Cotton. You don’t pull it apart so it looks more silky and thicker on a project.

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