My Week on Instagram {2.21-2.28}

I haven’t been working on projects that I feel warrant a blog post, or not yet at least.  I do post to Instagram quite often.  I’ve expressed how much I love this app many times.

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So, this week on my Instagram,

1. I’m working on a project for a swap at C.R.A.F.T.  My partner’s style is completely different than mine.  It’s been fun coming up with something make/assemble/send to her.  These are the colors I picked out to use on her project.

2. I picked up a hexagon punch last week just because I felt like I needed one.  There was no explanation, my life was suddenly incomplete until I could find a coupon and get one of these in my possession.  I tend to lean toward bold colors, so I was just trying to get a feel for some neutrals.

3. It’s still epic winter time here in Chicago.  I couldn’t find a matching set of flops in the house and Violet thought it was hilarious that my shoes didn’t match so she went and found her flops that didn’t match.  They lasted just long enough to take a pic.  I hope the colors somehow influence the weather….

4. I made her first mitten before it got sub zero the first time.  I love this yarn, it’s Caron Super Soft, for small projects like this.

5.  I got this coat at a thrift store for $20.  That’s too much for a coat at the thrift store.  BUT this collar is wonderful with my short hair.

6. Violet has SVT.  She has episodes of SVT I should say.  Her heart rate doubles for no discernible reason.  She had her first at nine days old, her second at 21 days.  Her third was last Tuesday night at 28 months old.  We are back on meds, unfortunately, We all thought she had grown out of it.  So we are disappointed but it’s not life threatening.  So if she’s going to have heart issues, honestly this one the one I would pick.  This picture is her at 2 am checking her heart rate.  She was at about 160, 90 is normal.  The stethoscope is her new favorite thing.

79, and 10.  These are gifts for a friend’s daughters.  More on this when I get my friend’s gift done.  It’s a SURPRISE!

8.  I don’t get how this is comfortable.

11.  This is Grim. He’s a jerky cat.  The internet loves him.

12.  Selfie.  This is my favorite app ever.  I got a Windows phone the phone before this one and I seriously considered taking it back cause they didn’t have it on the market.  But, $35 restocking fee.  It’s Vignette. Go get it now.

13.  Another thing that was a total compulsion for about 48 hours.  I actually blogged this one.  FREE PATTERN YAY!

14.  She loves to paint, draw and make things.  I had to go to target a few days ago because she wanted to use tools and I didn’t trust her with the real screw driver.

15. This is a wrap I made for a friend of mine.  It’s also Caron Simply Soft in a great creamy orange.  But you can’t tell cause I used that same app, Vignette.  I love (that app) this wrap.

Wow, this really turns out to be a diary.

What are you making today?


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