365 Project updates

I’ve been working on a few different 365 projects.  I had never done one before so I guess I’m making up for lost time.

1. #Stitchaday

This is mainly on instagram and I blogged about it here.  As someone that deals with depresson I’m curious about the patterns of it.  January was a bit rough, but it’s also winter in Chicago so really everyone is depressed right now.  :)
Every few days I add my progress on Instagram.  

Doing only one stitch doesn’t bother me.  It’s changing the floss color that bothers me.  :)

3. Mom’s One Line a day.

This I have only missed once.  Before cross stitch there was crochet, before crochet, embroidery, before embroidery there was journaling.  It’s very good for me. 

3. Cranes

I started the cranes as a way to bring a bit of luck and color into our home.  The legend says that the person that makes 1,000 cranes in one year is grated a wish by a crane.  I always wish on stars, eyelashes, (especially baby ones, I’m convinced those have extra special innocent wishing power) and 11:11.  I started on 1/18 and I need 3 a day.   I did 10 one night and the next day I won a giveaway on Instagram.  (Have I told you how much I love Instagram?)  That was proof enough for me. 
 In those days that you see a gray stitch above I likely didn’t do any cranes.  As of today I have 29.  

4.  Wreck this journal.

I want to do exercises to be more creative.  That seems to always mean drawing.  I don’t draw as much as I’d like to, I never took an art class in my life, although I do consider myself an artist.  Is that weird?  I’m intimidated by this project, which is why I got the book, but I can’t just pick it up and do it.  :shrug:
Do you have any 365 projects or resolutions?
How are they going?


  1. Mom, Paper, Scissors says:

    You are a better woman than I!! LOL I started the 5 Year Jouranl (Daily questions that you answer. Each year has the same questions.) I am getting so behind already!! haha I just heard of the Wreck It Journal recently! One of the YouTubers I watch does a weekly video on how she wrecked her book. She’s a bit of a big personality, but she’s entertaining LOL Her name is Grav3yardgirl (I think that’s it) on YouTube.

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