Stitch from Scratch Ep. 2.2 Materials: Floss and Needles

Let’s get to it!

Floss and/or Thread

These words are used somewhat interchangeably. I grew up saying floss and that’s what DMC calls it. When I think of thread I think of sewing. I normally use DMC but I also have a bunch of Krieink that I absolutely love.  Of course, there are many other brands.  Look around and just pick the colors you love.

The important thing to know about DMC floss is that you don’t use the whole thing. It’s actually 6 strands in one skein.

For a typical project you will use 14 ct cloth and 1 strand of floss that you will halve so that it becomes two.  I will show you this in the video at the end of this page.

The number of strands you want to you is really up to you.  Sometimes I want a more pronounced stitch, in which case I will use 3.  As a DMC Mentor, I will tell you that in general and typically you will use 2.

You will buy the skein and wrap it around a bobbin and likely put it in a plastic case like I have above.

I like to organize my thread based on color.  DMC has over 400 colors and types.  The numbers and the colors don’t really go in an observable order but they do have this…..

Above: The number of the floss and the corresponding column.
Below:  The column sorted by color family.

 I use this tool to keep track of the colors I have and the ones I still need to pick up.

So pretty!!!  I’ve got a whole case of these.  😀

Kreinik a braided strand.  You don’t separate them to use them.  In the second photo you can see there are actually many different braid sizes.  There are still more than I have here.  The size depends on your project. 


As I said in the last post all you need is a needle to get started.  This is true but there are specific needles for specific size cloth, if you want to get technical.
This site says it better than I ever could –
For comparison…

There is a lot of information just on the packages.  They will say the size and generally what the size is used for.  I had no idea there was so much variation in needles sizes until very recently.

I used an old sewing needle until 5 weeks ago.
I know. Oops. Now I use my smallest needle always.  I realized I was stretching the hole in the fabric. Once I realized it, it’s one of those things that I couldn’t unsee. So now I kinda play it safe.

And now my very very first video on how to pull strands apart and thread a needle.

Don’t bother with your volume, there no audio.  :)

Tell me, which thread do you like?

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