What do you do with your threads?  Throw them out?!  I like to keep them to show just how much stitching I actually do. I started keeping them when I started cross stitch back in September the amount of little left overs I have is sort of mind boggling considering that I’ve only been stitching a few months.
ORT – Old Ratty Threads
TUSAL – Totally Useless Stitch ALong.

So to start the year right I got a huge mason jar, 24 ounces. 
I first saw the idea on hugsarefun.com
And it is originally from here.  Join us! 
This is what happened in January.  
Happy stitching!


  1. Daisy says:

    I have a big red glass jar that I’ve been putting my tiny floss scraps into, and also threads and tiny fabric scraps from sewing. I can’t remember why I started it, but I’ve developed a completely irrational belief that I need to put a few threads or a bit of fabric from every project in the jar for good luck after I’ve done enough of the project to have scraps. The jar is about half full, but I can probably fit a ton more in it — every time it starts looking about two thirds full I pack it down with a dowel and it goes back to being half full again.

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