French knots and Wooden Pendants

Recently, aka my friend Rebecca, participated in the January Artisan Collective.
Wherein she sold her wooden pendants along with many other very cool stitchery.  I particularly wanted to try the wood and plastic pendants.  They are laser cut and gorgeous.  The woodis bamboo and it even SMELLS like bamboo.  I really enjoyed to whole experience of stitching on them. Ambiance, if you will.They are cut and also sold by Beaudeux.  And Included in these adorable kits from Hugs are Fun. They include everything you would need and are great for a new stitcher.
I’m always trying to find new things to stitch on and have wanted to try these everything I would hear about them from Rebecca.  They are great for cross stitch. But I wanted to try French knots in some capacity for a while.  I’m planning a color wheel for the bigger one and absolutely love how this turned out.  I like the open holes and the wood grain with a classic-ish embroidery idea of flowers.
I found this pattern on pinterest, but messed it up so I it’s half pattern, half winging it  :)
Anyone interested in these or similar flowers as a pattern?


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