Finish with &Stitches – Family Periodic Table Cross Stitch

I’m inspired by &stitches and I’m gunna join in.  
They have a genius idea.  The finish-a-long.  The idea is simple.  Finish the projects that you just didn’t finish.  There is no shame.  Just grab them and do them.  
I tend to finish my projects just because they are usually small and I usually become somewhat obsessed with them.  This project is my first cross stitch project.  I started it in August and I wrote this blog post then also.  
We’re a nerdy little family and the idea of a traditional family tree or even a traditional cross stitch on the wall just didn’t work.  I saw a friend’s take on an element as a sort of birth announcement for her daughters and I totally stole her idea and combined us all together. (With her blessing of course!)
Here is the basic prototype.
I had considered just having the human kids, but the animals have been our family for a very long time.  They are our boys.  
I’m first cause I’m the oldest, then Domino is the oldest kid. Me and the pup have been through some stuff together.

Here is my square completed.  Short name, Tr.  Birthday and full name.





I finished the purple one, Violet’s and started Westin’s right after he was born.  (he is three months old today).

I’m going to start stitching on it again tomorrow.  :)


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