Renegade Craft Fair Outing.

First of all Chicago hates us. 

Hates our guts.

I’ve lived 20 miles from the city all except 2 of my 32 years. Every single time I have ever gone in for any event something has gone wrong. Knowing this I did everything I could think of for our trip to Renegade.  I checked admission, strollers, parking, and address before leaving the house.  

It decided to snow today.  A lot.  

We get there, find a great parking spot, go inside the building and it’s totally empty.  I text Becca from Hugsarefun and she tells me I should be at the Pulaski Field House.  OMG.  SRSLY.

I’m at their OFFICE.  Not the show.  So I nurse Wes in the car, then we drive across town to the field house, look for a parking spot for 30 minutes, park, walk half of the 3 city blocks and realize I forgot my wallet, Jeff goes back for it and Wes and I go inside.  In a blizzard.  We left the house at noon.  Get in the place at 3:15, shopped, left at 5:45 and got home at 8. 
Longest day ever.  But totally worth it.  My husband didn’t complain one time, but instead told me he just likes to be with me.  Even if we are stuck Chicago in a blizzard with a screaming infant.  Aw. 

Enough talk, this is some of my favorites.

There were so many beautiful things, I got ideas, inspiration, a candle, and some lil earrings.  :)

earrings from

candle from  Buttercream Mmmmm

I can’t pass up a free photobooth.

A ton of business cards

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