Learn to Cross Stitch!

Over the next couple months I will be releasing a How To series called “Stitch From Scratch”.  Learn to cross stitch step by step.  Including videos and photos!

If you have ever wanted to learn, here you go :)

  1. History of Cross Stitch and My Credentials  [Release: Jan 3]
  2. Materials
    1. Cloth  [Release: Jan 3]
    2. Thread or “Floss”    [Release: Jan 10]
    3. Needles and Hoops    [Release: Jan 17]
    4. How to Read a Pattern    [Release: Jan 24]
  3. How to Cross Stitch
    1. Beginning, Stitching and Ending thread    [Release: Feb 7]
    2. Half Stitches    [Release: Feb 14]
    3. Blackwork    [Release: Feb 21]
  4. Patterns
    1. How to create a pattern in Photoshop    [Release: Feb 28]
    2. Free pattern to try    [Release: March 7]

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Stay tuned for Friday!

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