Cat Eye Glasses {heart} Mustache.

I’ve always been a little ahead of trends.

When I was 12 I started wearing black lipstick in 1994.  With my hyper color. And my perm.

When I was about 14 I started wearing dresses over jeans.  That got popular about 5 years later.

When I was 16 I painted my room purple and installed black and white checkered tiles.  In the basement.  It was freezing.  That summer I worked at Tinseltown in North Aurora.  And their whole motif is purple and black and white tile.

I’m not bragging.  It’s a curse really.

I love hexagons, neon and neutrals, chevrons and mint green.

And I love cat eye glasses and mustaches.

I finished this in a 6″ hoop and gifted to a couple of people that don’t mind that it vaguely (alright maybe not very vaguely) looks like a face.

I really really love these colors together.  I want to just BATHE in it.

You can find the pattern for the glasses here. For FREE!

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