All the pretty colors.

As a teenager you are asked what you listen to.  What’s your favorite band?  That’s easy.  Old? The Beatles.  New?  Type O Negative -and- Nine inch Nails.  It’s too close to call.  

As a kid other kids ask, whats your favorite color?  Hmm, that’s tricky.  What other colors is it going with?  How long will I have to commit to it?  What am I wearing?  As a kid I would say purple, sometimes red, rarely green until I discovered teal or gray.  

As an adult this problem has only gotten worse.  I often just stand next to the floss and stare at all the shades.  Or get over whelmed with the picker in Photoshop.  I am absolutely sure The Beatles, NIN, and Type O negative are still my favorite bands. 

But colors?  

Today it’s these.


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