Tutorial on a Tuesday: Butttons.



This is how I make my buttons.  I’ve done maybe 5 now and they aren’t easy and I was doing them pretty blindly so I want to show you how I do them.  It’s not going to be the prettiest thing you ever saw from the back, but it works.  


Stitch something.

Then pick up some buttons, they look like this.

You want the one that says “kit” cause they have the little pushers with them.  The others will say “refill”  (the back gives directions on using the pushers).

I picked up these today. 

Best. Idea. Ever.  Trying to figure out how much would be on the the actual button and how much would fold was very awkward.  These make a few things more simple.  Basically, it tells you the size of the button, the inside size that will show and the outside size you need to cut to.  Seriously, but it.

Materials – 
Add double sided tape and some scissors to this list.

Again, this is how I do this.  Take it or leave it…

The back of your buttons are going to have a loop, so they can be used as a button. 

Take it off.  Some pliers to pry it off. 

Next, cut the stitch into the round shape you need.  You can use the template.  In fact, do it, use the template. 

Use a little piece of double sided tape to hold this down.  You are going to start folding and it’s going to move when you don’t want it to.  The tape is very helpful.

Next, use the template to make sure that you have your image centered. 

When you do, start folding the sides around.  This is the tricky part.  The cloth is thick, and the buttons aren’t really made for such thick cloth.  So use the little pusher thing, and use it to smash down the edges and flatter them out.  Like this. 

Next put some poxy on the metal part that is still showing.  The heart button shown in my last post fell apart a couple hours after it had been on the kids coat.  You don’t want the back to unattach.

Then put on the back.

The kit is going to tell you to use this stuff.  I say skip it.  Because of the fabric.  


You are going to need to bent it a bit to get it snug.  The e6000 will do the rest. 

Speaking of, put some more on. 

Then put on the pin back.  Purchased for a couple bucks at Hobby Lobby.  Worth it. 


And then.  BAM!

This one is a gift for a friend.  I hope she likes it.  :) 

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