Sewing: Flannel Blanket tutorial

I found the cutest fabric for Violet’s blanket.  She has a few of them, but none are really warm and he loves yarn to death so this was my solution.

Her birthday is tomorrow (!!!)  So I’m calling it an early 2 year birthday present.  

The fabric is flannel from Joann’s I got a yard and a half and its the perfect size for a toddler bed/crib.

First I took pics and uploaded it to the blog, always the first step. Duh.

Then washed them.  Prewashing is one of those things that I’ve never done before but always seems somewhat important.

Then put them together.  You want WRONG SIDES OUT.  You are going to turn it inside out.

Next pin it up.

When its pinned you can start sewing.  Start like half way down the smaller side.  You have to leave enough open room to flip it inside out when the sides are sewn.

Sew it. 

I used this little blue take to tell me where to sew.  I matched up the shorter fabric to that spot.

When you get to a corner sew it at an angle to give you a nice rounded edge.  (If you read my blog you know I don’t sew much. 
If I could do it again I would would make this more round.)

But this gives me the opportunity to show you how to do this extra special little trick.

Stop, pop the foot up but leave the needle in the fabric, move the fabric, pop the foot down, sew, pop the foot up, turn the fabric, sew.  

This is what it looks like;

Pop the foot up.

Back down and sew.

Back up and turn.

Back down and sew.

There it is!

I always do this on corners.  So handy.

Don’t forget about the space need to flip the blanket inside out. Sew around and flip it.

Next we are going to sew around the edge again.  It will secure it and make it look pretty.  

First iron the edges to make it easier to sew.  When you get to that open space, iron it in so you can close it up.

I did this run a little closer because it isn’t the stitch that keeps it together so I didn’t have to depend on that.  I wanted to make sure I was running over the excess underneath.  

Done!  The whole thing took about 45 mins.

I asked her if she wanted her new blanket for bed.  She said uh huh!  Never says yes.  Just Uh huh.  I’ll take it.

Happy Birthday Turtle!

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