My Color Wheel – or – what is Blackwork?

I love color wheels.  And I love embroidery more than I love cross stitch (shhhh…don’t tell anyone).

I made this this week.

The hardest part was deciding what pattern to use.  It’s faster, and more satisfying than cross stitch.  It reminds me of crochet, as it’s just enough brain power to feel accomplished and creative.  But still really relaxing   It feels natural, no real counting. 

Check out my Blackwork Board on Pinterest for a bunch of patterns.


14 pt cloth I found at a thrift for 90 cents. SCORE.

Red – 817
Red Orange – 607
Orange – 740
Yellow Orange – 396
Yellow – 444
Yellow Green – 166
Green – 826
Blue Green – 3848
Blue – 3842
Blue Violet – AKA my new most favorite color EVA! – 792
Violet – 208
Red Violet – 3803

Try it out.  You will enjoy it.

Also, check out one of my favorite blogs, &Stitches, for some more info on the technique and a stitch along :)


    • Teresa Millies says:

      Thank you! I have a pattern on paper. I have not found a good way to make a large blackwork pattern in photoshop or similar software. When I do this is one that I have on my list to create :)

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