Free “Value” Cross Stitch Pattern

This was the first one I did so It will be the first I give away.  :)

I wanted something clean and simple and beautiful.  First I was thinking about camera terms like aperture and f-stop and light meter.   All things I want to play with in the future.  

Naturally I then went to color and texture and tone and VALUE. 

Value refers to the relative lightness or darkness of a certain area. Value can be used for emphasis.

Values are added to colors to create what you and I see as the different colors within true color. The difference between a powder pink and deeper rose pink. 

Like this –

Depending on what website or book you look at the scale has a few or many light to dark shades.  I settled on 5 for the sake of the piece.

The DMC colors are (left to right)
762, 415, 414, 371, 3799

The lettering works best as a middle gray.  I didn’t do this, but I think that was a mistake.  I would suggest using 317.

As always, comment below for a pdf of the pattern and color selections.  

Wish me luck!


  1. Niku says:

    Hi lady!
    I’m loving discovering your work! A post of your exhibit on Instagram (rebecca; hugsarefun) lead me here.
    I’d love to do your Hue and Value pieces for a friend who teaches color theory. Can I still request the PDF patterns?
    Thank you!

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