Free “Hue” Cross Stitch Pattern

Recently my color wheel has gotten some attention. (Thanks DMC Blog!)  I still plan to make this at some point.  It’s just too big and requires time to get the colors just right.  If the colors aren’t just right, I won’t make it. 

This smaller color wheel is exactly right.  I love these colors and I’m very proud of this little guy.

This was originally going to be C for Color Wheel, but because the colors are so true my Art School Husband explained that these are really just hues.  Primary and secondary.  After some more investigation I learned that this is what is called additive color.  The traditional artists paint palate and what we learned as kids.  Blue/Yellow/Red.  The more colors you add, the darker it gets.  See the black middle.

The other type is used with light, like monitors and television sets.  It’s called Subtractive color.  The more colors you add the lighter it gets.  Hense, the white middle. 

Interesting huh?

Anyway, here is the pattern.  I hope you enjoy it as much as I did.

Red – 666
Yellow – 307
Blue – 710
Orange – 740
Green – 909
Purple – 550
Black – 3799
Lettering – 3799

One more note – 
I’m sure you noticed I didn’t use black for black.  I used the darkest gray.  This is because I feel  like the black (310) is thin.  Maybe it’s just me.  But I feel like I can see more white when I use it.  I wanted this to be very rich.  Just my preference  :)

Comment for a PDF.  :)


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