Embroidery: The Process.

In my recent experiments in cross stitch I remembered how much I loved the freedom of embroidery.  You can change your mind about anything a second before you do it.  

I like that freedom.

So to get me back in the groove I’ve decided to participate in the &stitches Back to School Embroidery Contest. Basically it’s a call to create a flash card.  Simple enough that so many outstanding things can be created.  :)

&Stitches is a blog I have really grown to love recently and I’m excited to join my first competition.

They have some great prizes, but honestly, I’m more happy to try an idea on and see how it turns out.  I like a challenge. A chance to think outside the projects I have going on about at the moment.

Here I will share my little process for embroidery.  

When I began I would get these…

Now, there is nothing wrong with these.  But I have a craft M.O. I will try the recommended beginners level.  Once.  Do it correctly and skip about 5 levels and try that next.  

I like a challenge.  

It’s just how I learn.  I mean, it’s not life or death. Its fabric and thread. 

So I will make a pattern or download it from an awesome website, like Urbanthreads.com.  (<3)

Hook my laptop into my extra-special-embroidery-design-tracing-monitor. It’s an old monitor with plexiglass taped onto it so I can put the fabric directly on to it and trace.  It’s a modified light box and works perfectly.

I use a fine point disappearing ink pen.  They are about 6 bucks in the sewing gadgets part of your craft store. WORTH IT.

And it looks like this.

I picked out my fabric and thread.  

I have a simple design, it’s about something somewhat technical  I want to keep it clean and just think about keeping the work neat and well done.  Not many bells and whistles here.  

Hoop it and dig in. 

I’m doing a whole lotta raised satin stitch.  It’s going to be PRITTY!

Stay tuned!

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