Elements of Design Flash Cards

This is likely going to become a series.  Whether or not I do them ALL is something completely different.  I want to design the rest of the alphabet.  That would require me to read a lot more about design and color theory.  That’s much of the reason I want to do it.  

These particular cards are for the Back to School Stitching Competition.  I really enjoy this site and this idea. 

I had a completely different design I was going to embroider having to do with cameras, I ditched the idea and started Value two days after my son was born.  The deadline was 10/15 but got extended to 10/20 (thank you!) so that gave me “enough time” to do Hue also.  

Stay tuned for the free patterns and color suggestions!

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  1. Marcia Hall says:

    I love these! Did you do any other letters? Should I comment on the individual posts for the PDF pattern? I’ve obviously missed the &Stitches Challenge, but this has inspired try designing my own flash card series.

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