“Where da moon?” Progress

Violet really like cars, airplanes, trains, cats, the colors blue and purple, Britney Spears, Tool, acting like she is sleeping/ snoring, pulling my short hair and finding the moon in the sky. “where da moon?” Mama, where’d it go??” … “There he is!”

So much so that I’m going to make her a moon for her room.  

A friend of mine found some cool glow in the dark thread that seemed perfect for the project.  These are Kreninik brand, which I haven’t used before.  I’m excited to try.  

I whipped up this moon.  It’s 10 x 10 and meant for a 12″ embroidery hoop.  

I’m hoping to work on it before Christmas.  I gotta catch her while she still cares where the moon is.  :)

BONUS!!!  Comment below and I’ll send you the pattern as a pdf. 

Update: 9/25/13

So, I can’t wait.  I tried to wait and finish other things.  But I just can’t do it.  


Just a couple notes about this project already.  It’s actually going to end up being about 8by8 in a 10″ hoop.  That just felt better to me.  

The thread is, as you know, Kreinik Metallics, but it is also medium braid.  Having only bought basic DMC thread previously I didn’t realize how thick this was.  It was actually a pleasant surprise.  I had been wanting to do something other that straight up cross stitch for this project.  Because the thread is thick I think it looks great with only one pass.  More sketchy.  :)

Also the pattern is kinda huge.  So I’m printing corner by corner.  The yellow bits are where I highlighted the middle gray color.  This is just to help me see it a bit better.  

This is now my main project.  At least until the new crochet book I ordered comes in…and until I get up and print out the embroidery pattern that I’m planning to do for this.

And the baby is due in 10 days.  UHOH!

Update: 9/26/13

This is about 2 hours of work today.

I like it :) I’m debating on taking out the green.  It’s the darkest of the three “grays” and I think it would cool just not there are all.  Hmmm.


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