The DforV Etsy Shop is Officially Open!

Finally, right?  

I have been having a good time making up my odd little cross stitch patterns in Photoshop.

It’s a cool way to play with really simple design.  I haven’t found a software that works how I want it to but I have figured out a round about way to create a pattern with the pixels as a square.  It works, that’s what matters.  Maybe I’ll put up a tutorial on how I create a pattern with PS.  Hmm.  Good idea, me.  :) 

So I opened up the shop to share my patterns.  I won’t use them all.  Some will be dumb, some abstract, some really mainstream. We’ll see what people like.  

I’ll eventually put up some crochet patterns and finished pieces. Maybe after the baby is born and things settle down a bit.   Shrug.  We’ll see!

So many possibilities!  So much potential!

I’ve got two for sale at the moment.  

The first is what I think of when Violet sees the cat.  She is in love with the cat.  The cat is a good sport.  But she really loves and squeezes him.  She will yell KITTY! at the top of her lungs until she gets to him then gets in his face and says HI KITTY.  Poor animal doesn’t even bother anymore.  


You can get the pattern on Etsy right over here

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