It’s good to have crafty friends! Handmade baby gifts.

I obviously love to make things.  I’m lucky that I have people around me that also love to make things.  It seems that all us craft nerds have really similar styles, or at least get each other’s style pretty easily.

Gail made me a tons of stuff.  She’s the resident seamstress. A baby carrier, burp cloths, bibs and blankets.  I LOOOOVE these shapes.  I had a little panic attack for a minute because I couldn’t find the blanket.  It was in the hospital bag.  DUH.

Rebecca made the Solar System cross stitch.  This is perfect for his room.  And I was coveting it for months since she showed me her original. 

The chrome Robot is from Target, the shelf from IKEA and the W is also a gift from Rebecca.  Check out the artist at very cool collection. 

Jasmin, the master of combining fabric patterns and colors.  She made a couple of these for Violet, I’ll have to get photos of them, cause they are gorgeous. 

Marsha, my aunt.  She made hats for Violet before she was born because I couldn’t crochet yet.  She’s an inspirational crafter.   :)  Just lookit that edge. 

Mom, my mom put together this laundry basket.  OMG.  You know how cute it is. 

Then there is a few things I made.  The booties were made from this pattern and the blanket that started the CHEVRON fever.  I bought this fabric at 4 weeks pregnant.  I was sure it was a boy.  I started and finished the blanket the week after our 20 week ultrasound.

This kid is going to be warm and comfy!

…He can get here now…

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