DIY Rice Heat Pad. Mmmm That’s Nice.

I’m 37 weeks pregnant with my second child.  I know, uf.

One of the things that I learned in child birth class (and while being a woman and having a crampy back and legs for a week a month every year for the last 20 years) is that heat feels good on sore muscles.

I wanted an awesome heat pad for my back during labor, they are a little expensive.  And I feel kinda dumb buying one when I can make one.

So instead of this….

I opened for this…

I cut up one of Jeff’s old denim “dress” shirts.  Which I was very happy to do.  And found this pretty orange thread from the lot of sewing stuff in the case I got a the thrift I referred to in my last post.

It is 18×8 and fits really well across my lower back.  I filled it with a cup of uncooked rice in each compartment and the weight of it feels SO good.

I’m excited to use it in labor, considering I’ve been using it daily.  :)

I used a well written tutorial I found on Pinterest, here.

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