Alley Art Fest!

on Aug 31st I participated in my first big “Craft/Art Fair”.  You may have heard about it if you are around the Aurora area.  Alley Art Fest is full of some of the best local artists.  Many of whom I am lucky enough to call friends.  I didn’t get as many photos of the other participants as I would have liked because I was busy limping around all pregnant like and manning the booth I shared with Gail Chrisse, Jeff Weber, Jessi Cox, Ellis Maldonado and Gail’s Mom, Jean.  All great artists in their own right.  

Other notables are Damon, Steve, Chris, Roz and Don.  Please click on each link.  

With the money I made that day, I spent a chunk of it on Chris’s creatures.  

This was the beginning on the day.  

Right after we got there the rain started.  It threatened all day but ended up being pretty nice considering the forecast.  

Here is my spread.  

The bow necklaces did well.  The canvases, which are my personal favorite don’t sell.  I’m not sure people get that it’s touchable wall art.  I’m not sure how to make them more lovable or at least how to translate how much I love them.  Something to think more about.

Also, I found this wooden sewing case at the locally loved thrift store.  It’s amazing.  I’ve never seen anything like it.  It’s perfect to hold supplies and to use a a display case.  Here it is when I brought it home.

Amazing.  Then a few days later a good friend of mine let me know she found ANOTHER ONE and picked it up for me.  The second one is exactly the same but about half the size.  You can see it on the table in the photos above. 

It was a good day.  

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