A completely not important blog.

There are lots of things that I think to myself, “I should blog this” but then I never do.  I don’t take the photos (the booties and multiple hats I made for the baby or the scarf I made for myself or Violet) I don’t finish the project (three or four of those in arms length at the moment) or I just move on to something else.  

You can be pretty sure that I’m working on something everyday in addition to making cross stitch patterns everyday, and spending sometime in books and pinterest and bloglovin and craftsy each day.  

I’m not the very best blogger I can be and in a few weeks I’m sure I’ll be even worse with the arrival of the boy.  I guess what I’m saying is… I’m ok with being a mediocre blogger.  It’s still enjoyable to me.  I like to think about new ideas, even when they don’t pan out or ever get started.  I like to make small things that I have never made before.  

I like to show you what I made.  I hope you like you see.  Please share me with other people that might like what I made.  

Take inspiration from me.  I take it from you. 

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